“Every Garden Has a Story. I Am Here to Listen to Yours”

Do you feel like your “life is a mess” or “out of control”? Do you feel a lack of self-esteem, self-identity, or self-confidence in your abilities? Do you feel your emotional issues get in the way of you having clarity and a more fulfilled life? Do you have a difficult time managing certain aspects of day to day living in areas including work, home life, relationships, mental health, physical health, social life, personal ambitions, and spiritual well-being? Do you feel as if you want to bring balance to your life but you don’t know where to start?

At Balancing Eden Counseling, I focus on helping you take back control of your life. I aid in helping you develop insight into your challenges and explore individualize options to assist you in overcoming your problems. I enjoy helping people cultivate solutions for healing and growth. I would like to help you gain increased awareness, motivation, and self-confidence in bringing balance to your life. I support you in telling your story, including all the painful parts that are hard to say out loud. It’s time to “tend to your own garden”. Nobody’s life is perfect, but finding out how to bring balance to your life could be the change you need to have what you could describe as a more fulfilled life. As I like to say often to my clients, “You just have to learn how to take better care of yourself based on who you are as a person, the challenges you face, and your life experience. It’s all about finding out what works for you and how you can incorporate that into your daily life”. It is my passion to help you on your journey of finding balance.


“What I like the most about being a therapist is feeling like I have helped someone improve their quality of life.”


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Managing anxiety, depression, and mood disturbance symptoms can be improved by re-evaluating and defining the concept of happiness to improve mood, life satisfaction, promote motivation, and re-frame situations positively. It also helps to achieve self-discovery by enhancing connection with oneself and others and learning to use issues as opportunities for development.
It is possible to overcome low self-esteem, boundary problems, and relationship codependency by concentrating with gratitude, thankfulness, thoughtfulness, and motivation on the present moment of thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Through self-acceptance, affection, open-mindedness to encourage an atmosphere for healing and recovery, it is also important to discover compassion for oneself and for others.


By taking care of our bodies, learning to integrate consciousness into everyday life, relating to a higher meaning or spiritual self, the creation of a life purpose, adapting to life changes and achieving life balance can be accomplished. It also helps to improve self-awareness, to have new experiences, and to gain new life managing skills.

Thinking, Feeling, and Behaving: Free CBT Worksheet

I have always felt drawn to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as a psychotherapist because it involves changing perceptions. So in other words, for me that meant many people could benefit from CBT techniques. During my work with community mental health, I quickly learned about the lack of resources plaguing our communities. Sometimes events are completely… Continue reading Thinking, Feeling, and Behaving: Free CBT Worksheet