High Carbs and Depression

In the past, I have had an issue with eating too fast and eating too many carbs in one sitting. So I have experienced depression after eating before.

Too many carbs for me is anything over 30 carbs in one meal. It may be different for someone else, but this is when I started to feel tired.

Also, I noticed that if I eat a lot of starches like bread, pasta, rice, or potatoes, I get fatigued, sleepy, and sometimes depressed.

I have also noticed this with eating processed foods, sugary sweets, dyes and foods with gluten.

I am definitely working on my diet, but it’s hard when you are a bread lover (I need to learn how to make low-carb bread).

Depression comes from a low level of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin, an important neurotransmitter, has functions in appetite regulation as well as a mood enhancer.

Sometimes we crave carbs due to low levels of serotonin. Your body is sending signals to eat more carbohydrates in order to get the nutrients needed to make serotonin.

If you go and eat highly refined carbs like sugary sweets and starches, the glucose will go into your bloodstream all at once.

Then your body releases too much insulin to deal with this problem. Then you go from a sugar spike to low blood sugar. Your body sees this process as stress.

Your body will then respond by using the stress hormone, cortisol. Chronic release of cortisol causes fatigue due to your adrenals having a difficult time making enough cortisol to keep up with your body’s stress.

Often times we underestimate how our diets affect our mood. Next time you eat high carbs, notice the difference from when you eat fruit, vegetables, and protein.

This may help you to become more aware of depression triggers from food and how to avoid them.

Has anyone ever notices a difference in mood based on how they eat? Comment Below!

Published by Asha Griffin, MA, LPC, NCC, BC-TMH

I am Asha Griffin, a licensed professional counselor in South Carolina. I am dedicated to improving the mental health of others and helping them to "tend to their gardens". My goal is to inspire people in finding better balance in their lives.

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