Do you believe you deserve depression?

I seen a question online that stated "why do people like me deserve depression"? My heart caved wondering how someone could think they deserve to suffer with depression. Then someone with their meaning-well yet, insensitive response stated "it is a disease". Just saying disorder could have been okay if we have to go there. Words… Continue reading Do you believe you deserve depression?


PMDD or Bipolar: What’s the difference?

I've seen arguments arise on the internet with some quick to say what Bipolar is and what PMDD "ain't". Of course medical doctors who do not have experience with PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) have field day as well, not knowing the latest research or understanding the various symptoms of PMDD. Some say that if you… Continue reading PMDD or Bipolar: What’s the difference?

Life Balance, Self-Care

Self-Care: Are You Good, Mentally?

It seems that nothing can be more scary than having health issues and needing to go to the doctor for a checkup, but what about having mental health issues and needing a counselor or psychiatrist? That can be even more scary for some people. No one wants people to think they are “crazy” or “not… Continue reading Self-Care: Are You Good, Mentally?