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Awakening to Me

Balancing Eden about enduring through any obstacles, setbacks, or hardships that might be put in one's path. It’s about the relationship you have with yourself and your ability to maintain balance. This is something we all have in common, but how are you managing life's turns and tumbles? How am I managing? I've been saying… Continue reading Awakening to Me


Wanting a Relationship To Fix Your Life

When approaching this issue with my clients, I always asked them “if you meet the person of your dreams, would you feel confident enough to walk up to them and speak with them”? And they all say “NO”. Why? Because even though they want to be in a relationship, they don’t even feel like they… Continue reading Wanting a Relationship To Fix Your Life

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Change in Scenery for Mental Health

I think a change in scenery can develop into a change in thinking or at the least, a distraction from negative thinking. It’s like going to a new place and realizing that the world is much bigger than your problems. Or discovering that you do not have to be limited to living the way that… Continue reading Change in Scenery for Mental Health


I Don’t Feel Good Enough Because of Social Media

I witness someone talking about how they didn't feel good enough after looking at social media. Once I had a good friend and we were having this same conversation. I asked my friend, “how can I not get frustrated when I see people so far ahead of me in life while I feel like I… Continue reading I Don’t Feel Good Enough Because of Social Media

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High Carbs and Depression

In the past, I have had an issue with eating too fast and eating too many carbs in one sitting. So I have experienced depression after eating before. Too many carbs for me is anything over 30 carbs in one meal. It may be different for someone else, but this is when I started to… Continue reading High Carbs and Depression


Becoming Emotionally Self-Reliant

Have you ever felt like it was difficult to regulate your own emotions? So much so that you depend on others to others to make decisions for you, have difficulty identifying and validating your own feelings, communicating in relationships, seeking others approval over your own, have poor self-esteem, and fears of abandonment. You may even… Continue reading Becoming Emotionally Self-Reliant

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How can you live a happy life if you think you don’t deserve one?

Short answer “you can’t”. If you want to live a happy life, you have to change the way you think about yourself, your circumstances, and your outlook on life. In the counseling field, we have something called “changing your narrative”. It’s basically you changing your story. Not into something that is fake or a lie,… Continue reading How can you live a happy life if you think you don’t deserve one?